THE FALCONER | 2021 | USA/Oman

"Shooting in Oman completely elevated our production experience and gave us a rich community of local partners, artists, and actors to work with. The landscapes are stunning and the film resources made shooting there an absolute dream. I can't wait to bring another film to Oman."

“Despite the madness of COVID-19, and the fact that it has entirely up-ended the independent film market, we have had a fantastic festival run in the last few months and have played at 18 festivals and counting. The film has proudly won 13 awards, including 5 Best Narrative Feature, 2 Best Director, Best Cinematography (Nick!), Best Screenplay, and Best Actor (Rami! Rupert!). (…) We are acutely aware that it takes a village to make any film (and especially this one), and as we've been able to venture out and see the film with live audiences, we keep wanting to share the overwhelmingly positive responses with you."