Production Guide

Our SCREEN OMAN Production Guide will help you with all aspects of filming in Oman – from Script to Screen!


Obtaining the necessary filming permits is mandatory by law for any kind of filming in Oman.

The process to obtain the relevant visa for filming is very easy.

It takes a minimum of 2 to 3 weeks to obtain the permits.

We do require a letter from your production company / agency giving us details about your film / video / photo project.

The letter should be addressed to us at Screen Oman.

In this letter, you should mention key details about the film production, including:

  • what the film is about
  • who the client is (is this for a photoshoot, TVC, commercial or documentary?)
  • the filming dates
  • filming locations
  • a provisional film production schedule
  • photocopies of crew passports
  • if possible, a letter of support from the broadcaster / client

Provide as much detailed information as you can. We will then complete the take-over to obtain your filming permits.



For some locations such as the Grand Mosque and the Royal Opera House, we do require additional filming permits from the local authorities.

For aerial filming, we need to obtain permits from the Civil Aviation Authority. This can take around 15-21 days.

For protected areas of Oman, it is necessary to obtain additional filming permits from the Ministry of Heritage & Tourism.

grayscale photo of camera
white drone flying over the sea during daytime


Currently, filming with a drone requires the authorization of the Civil Aviation Authority as well as the authorization of the Defense Authorities.

This approval is only granted to commercial users, and an application should be submitted to a local production company.

The recreational use of drones is not allowed.

Without permission, the drone will be confiscated at the airport and stored until the departure of the production team.

Obtaining a Drone Filming Permit takes from 3 to 4 weeks.


Most nationalities are eligible to obtain an E-visa for travel to Oman.

The process to obtain an E-visa is simple and straightforward.

Applicants will need to have a passport which is valid for up to 6 months from the date of entry and an up to date passport photo.

The standard processing time for the Oman E-visa is 24 hours.

We advise that you submit your visa application at least 1 week before intending to film in Oman.

Please contact us to receive detailed information and we will advise you on your crew visa type and requirements.

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shallow focus photography of video camera


Oman does not currently have a dedicated permit facility for filmmakers.

When applying for filming permits, the production company should provide information with the packing list of gear, along with the serial number of major equipment like the film camera, type of lens etc.

You should mention if the film equipment is valued at less than 50% of the original purchase price, if for example,  the equipment has only been used once or is second hand.

On the basis of this document, the ministry will then issue airport gear clearing documents.

As per the current system, the gear list along with gear clearing documents will be fed into the Centralized Bayan System (Electronic Single Window Data System).

While clearing customs, the relevant authorities will then physically check the equipment to make sure that it matches with what the permit documents state.

Before departure, the equipment will be checked over by customs. There will be processing costs as this clearance will be handled by our team as part of our Airport Protocol.

This entire procedure will take around 5 to 7 working days.


Here at Screen Oman, we are delighted to be able to assist you in hiring local crew members!

Film crew in Oman are highly experienced and have been working on more than 50 international projects. Our local crew can work on 2-3 different projects simultaneously.

The success of the production for “The Falconer” feature film is just one example.

The standard working day on set is 12 hours.

Ideally, international productions will want to bring their own crew for major productions, with the exception of Sound and Lighting, and Production Managers.

At Screen Oman, our team will assist you in securing any local crew that you may require.

We can also help you in sourcing crew from neighbouring countries, if required. 

Production Guide - Screen Oman
Production Guide - Screen Oman


There are locations such as Muttrah Souq, Sur and Nizwa, which are among the wishlist of major production houses. The latest addition is Musandam peninsula which has beautiful fjords and has been named the “Norway of the Middle East.” 

There are UNESCO world heritage sites, majestic mountains, sand dunes etc. Some productions like Big Sky (UK), Edge Picture Co (UK), The Italian Job (Italy), Meraki (UAE), ASAP Productions (Egypt) have all been filmed in Oman. 

Oman can double for other countries, too. Yemen, Jordan and Morocco are all examples. 

Some locations can also double for Asia, however it is not certain if Oman can double for locations in Europe and the USA. 

Deserts in Oman can definitely double for other Middle Eastern and African deserts. 

There are currently around 8 to 10 skilled film scouts in Oman. They are very familiar with most of the locations here. 

Screen Oman will put you in contact with a scout who can find you the best locations for your production. 


Key filming locations in Oman are within 150km apart, and it is easy to transport both crew and cast members from one location to the other. 

However, for some locations like Salahah, it may be necessary to fly and then pick up a hire car at the airport before driving to your destination. 

We usually recommend that you hire SUV´s during the film shoot, since some areas have hilly terrain. 

For most international film productions, it is easy to travel to neighbouring countries and they are eligible for visa-on-arrival. 

Contact us to find out more! We are happy to help you.  

Lighthouse, watchtowers and white houses of traditional architecture of old town Sur in Oman


Contact us to discuss the best option for your project! 

Please note that the locations listed are for reference only. Contact us so that we can send you further project-related suggestions.

Thank you!