Why choose us?


At present, the Omani government does not have any specific tax incentives for foreign film productions. However, that is due to change in the very near future.

The government intends to maintain the Omani culture, and this is the reason why such initiatives are not yet being actively promoted. 

However, with the changing times, the good news is that they are opening up this sector. They are very supportive of international productions coming into the country.  

At Screen Oman, we are in frequent communication with the relevant authorities and look forward to being able to offer you special incentives for filming in Oman.  

Why choose us? - Screen Oman
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As Screen Oman operates at an international level, it is easier for us to promote Omani locations to the rest of the world. 

Our team consists of 10 highly skilled individuals, with many years of experience in the film industry. In fact, we have been facilitating international film shoots for over 15 years! 

We bring a wealth of experience. So much so, that our experience in the film industry has become our unique selling point. 


Screen Oman will assist you with a “one stop shop”, providing your international film production with all of the procedures and contacts you need.

This includes putting you in touch with skilled, local crew as well as the local authorities involved in film production.


We help you to simplify the temporary import and export for filming equipment, enabling easy customs clearance.

Why choose us? - Screen Oman
Why choose us? - Screen Oman


We can help you to reduce your overall production budget, with careful planning and advising on the correct locations and crew required.  This could help you to save as much as 30% on your total production spend.


We will carefully assist you should you wish to film on historical sites, including ancient ruins, monuments, as well as some religious sites.


Before you begin your production, you should send a request to us here at Screen Oman telling us:

  • The nature of your project
  • The planned period of time you wish to spend in Oman
  • The total budget amount you plan to spend in Oman
  • The need for special filming equipment
  • Request to film on special locations, including historical sites
  • Assistance with hiring local crew members
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